Family Combo 2

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Healthy combo for family

- 01 boxes of 40 Sipahh Probiotic Straw for Family 

- 01 box of 30 Collagen Sip Straw for Mother $ Sisters

- 01 box of 30 Electric Energy Straw for Father & Brothers

This is special combo with 25% discount for family

Sipahh Probiotic Straw enhances immunity and supports digestive health. Multistraws- 5 flavors in Cocoa-bean chocolate, luscious strawberry, Hello Marshmallow, Velvet Vanilla, Okey-dokey cookies & cream. Bacillus BC30 coagulans is a beneficial probiotic strain that helps to promote digestive health, encourage a healthy immune system, normalize nutrient absorption in the body, and support balance gut flora. 

The world's first Electric Energy Straw : Regenerate energy, reduce fatigue instantly, focus alertness and alertness right away. No Sugar formula, only 10 calories for instant energy regeneration without the worry of obesity. Stay hydrated, stay energized, stay healthy, stay young, stay cool. Any time! Any where! This is not your old- fashioned energy drink. We have created an entirely new category of energy drink with Electric Energy Straw 

World's first Collagen SIP Straw: 100% Japanese Nippi Collagen. Helps limit skin aging, dullness, increases skin moisture & helps skin smooth.  Radiantly beautiful after 4 weeks with Collagen SIP (with clinical studies on humans)

Clinical research has shown ingesting Nippi Collagen has numerous positive effects on skin health, including: 

• Observed improvements to the skin: minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and uneven appearance of skin due to aging 

• Skin texture, tone and smoothness are all significantly improved, resulting in a more youthful appearance 

• Provides clear anti-aging benefits, dermal rejuvenation and may upregulate skin collagen metabolism

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See the video for detail

Sipahh Probiotic Straw Video

Collagen Sip Straw Video

Electric Energy Straw Video


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