Sipahh Straw Story

Sipahh Straw Story

Sipahh Probiotic Straw (World first Nutrition Straw) enhances immunity and supports digestive health. Multistraws- 5 flavors in Cocoa-bean chocolate, luscious strawberry, Hello Marshmallow, Velvet Vanilla, Okey-dokey cookies & cream. Bacillus BC30 coagulans is a beneficial probiotic strain that helps to promote digestive health, encourage a healthy immune system, normalize nutrient absorption in the body, and help balance gut flora. 


Once upon a time there was an Aussie dad called Peter who loved the goodness of fresh milk. Every day he would encourage his four children to drink milk.

 What he didn’t like were the flavoured milk powders and drinks that masked the goodness of milk because they were full of artificial colourings, preservatives and too much sugar. 

Today, many healthy ingredients added to straw such as: Vitamin, Probiotic,Pharmaceuticals and multi-Flavor

So Peter, who was really good at making things, decided to invent the Sipahh® straw.

Now children all over the world, including Peter’s grandchildren, can enjoy the goodness of milk as part of a balanced diet – with less sugar and no artificial colours or preservatives.

Today, Sipahh Straws are present in over 30 countries around the world including the United States and Europe, Japan with global certifications such as GMP, BRC, ISO, Hala, Kosher as well as  food safety, certificate of free circulation and certification of advertising on internet, newspapers and television in Vietnam.
Sipahh Straw is also one of the best inventions of the 21st century. This invention is protected in 66 countries around the world (including 28 EU countries).

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