Electric Energy Straw Story

Electric Energy Straw Story

The world's first Electric Energy Straw : Helps you Regenerate energy, reduce fatigue instantly, focus alertness and alertness right away. No Sugar formula, only 10 calories for instant energy regeneration without the worry of obesity. Stay hydrated, stay energized, stay healthy, stay young, stay cool. Any time! Any where! This is not your old- fashioned energy drink. We have created an entirely new category of energy drink with Electric Energy Straw 

Electric Energy Straw Story

Today working pressures make people often fall into a state of stress and fatigue, to quickly regain consciousness to focus on work and achieve the highest productivity. People often look to energy drinks

Energy drinks are marketed to enhance mental and physical performance. However, the popular energy products today have a lot of potential hazards if you use them regularly

1. Too sweet with high sugar content can easily cause diabetes-related diseases, the cause of diseases such as heart, kidney and especially liver

2. Too Many Calories: This is the cause of obesity for people who regularly use this product.

3. Large weight so carrying on trips is quite heavy and take up a lot of space in your backpack making it difficult to move

With the desire to create a convenient product, instantly reduce fatigue, help alertness and focus energy effectively. Unistraw has released the Electric Energy straw.

Electric energy straws contain caffeine form tea leaf, energizing vitamins. It can be using to promote health, help reduce fatigue immediately, alertness and lucidity in 5 seconds but not harm your health

Today, Electric Energy Straw are present in United State and Europe, Japan with global certifications such as GMP, BRC, ISO, Hala, Kosher as well as  food safety, certificate of free circulation and certification of advertising on internet, newspapers and television in Vietnam.
Straw Invention is also one of the best inventions of the 21st century. This invention is protected in 66 countries around the world (including 28 EU countries)

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