Collagen Sip Story

Collagen Sip Story

World's first Collagen SIP Straw: 100% Japanese Nippi Collagen. Helps limit skin aging, dullness, increases skin moisture & helps skin smooth.  Radiantly beautiful after 4 weeks with Collagen SIP (with clinical studies on humans)

Clinical research has shown ingesting Nippi Collagen has numerous positive effects on skin health, including: 

• Observed improvements to the skin: minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and uneven appearance of skin due to aging 

• Skin texture, tone and smoothness are all significantly improved, resulting in a more youthful appearance 

• Provides clear anti-aging benefits, dermal rejuvenation and may upregulate skin collagen metabolism

Collagen Sip Straw Story

In 1960, Nippi Japan were the first to solubilise collagen, something previously thought impossible. They received a patent for this and today, they lead the world in terms of collagen research, development and production.

Their flagship, TruMarineTM Collagen, is an all natural collagen peptide extracted from the scales of wild deep sea snapper, caught in the South Pacific Ocean. In terms of purity, safety and bioavailability, it is considered the finest collagen there is.

TrumarineTM Collagen is a type 1 collagen, the most abundant type found in the body with scientifically proven benefits for health, wellness and beauty.

Importantly, it is free of the potential dangers that animal collagen poses such as mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease, bird virus, hormone and antibiotic ingestion.

Enjoy your TrumarineTM Collagen Sip with chilled water or even better, give your favourite health drink, a daily collagen boost.

COLLAGEN SIP Straw are manufactured from Nippi Collagen - JAPAN for the best quality, the product is easy to use anywhere, anytime.

Today, COLLAGEN SIP Straw are present in United State and Europe, Japan with global certifications such as GMP, BRC, ISO, Hala, Kosher as well as  food safety, certificate of free circulation and certification of advertising on internet, newspapers and television in Vietnam.
Straw Invention is also one of the best inventions of the 21st century. This invention is protected in 66 countries around the world (including 28 EU countries)

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